Current Members

Chris Reed :: Contact :: Homepage reed
Chris is director of the Centre for Argument Technology and has worked in the fertile area lying between argumentation and AI for twenty years. He continues to strive to bring the two communities together through activities such as the CMNA workshop series (that has alternated between IJCAI and ECAI since 2001), the ArgMAS workshop series at AAMAS meetings since 2003, the COMMA conference series biennially since 2006, and various other journal special issues and ad hoc events. He is active in the fields of both AI and philosophy of argument, has published over 150 refereed papers, and is editor of the journal Argument and Computation. He has also been active in commercialisation of research through a spin out company of which he was an executive director until 2010, and a startup for which he served as CTO during 2014-15.

Katarzyna (Kasia) Budzynska :: Contact :: Homepagekb
Katarzyna is a Dundee Fellow, a permanent lecturer-level appointment in the group. She is appointed half time (the other half, she is Assistant Professor at the Polish National Academy of Sciences in Warsaw). She works on the philosophy of communication linking together the elements of logic, philosophy of language, rhetoric, linguistics, cognitive science, social psychology, artificial intelligence and computer science. In 2008, she co-founded, and have since then, coordinated the activities of a nationwide initiative ArgDiaP which main goal is to support the cooperation of representatives of the Polish School of Argumentation. Since 2008, ArgDiaP has organized a series of biannual one-day workshops, supported several research projects and publishing initiatives in the area.

Alison Pease :: Contact :: Homepagealison (1)
Alison is a lecturer in the group and works on the connections between mathematics and argumentation, particularly with respect to proof construction and discussion about proof. She has worked on computational models of collaboration between mathematicians, as well as conducting ethnographic studies. Her work lies on the threshold between mathematics, philosophy and artificial intelligence. Alison is also active in computational creativity and has developed methodology for evaluating progress in this field. She is on the Steering Committee for the International Association for Computational Creativity, and has co-chaired a meeting in the series, as well as two symposia on Mathematical Practice and Cognition. She has around 50 refereed papers.

Rory Duthie :: Contact :: Homepage rory
Rory is a PhD student working with Kasia on ethos in natural language argumentation.

Mathilde Janier :: Contact :: Homepage mathilde-150x100
Mathilde is a PhD student exploring argumentation in mediation on the Leverhulme funded DrEAMS project (Dialogue-based Exploration of Argument & Mediation Space). Her research focuses on modelling dialogue structures for dispute mediation discourse. She previously worked in the IRIT (Toulouse) with Patrick Saint-Dizier on computational models of discourse.

Barbara (Basia) Konat :: Contact :: Homepage BasiaKonat
Basia is a postgraduate research assistant working on the NCN-funded project, EthAn. She graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University. She is a linguist, logician and philosopher. Basia specialises in the area of philosophy of science and corpus cognitive linguistics. For more than 7 years, she has been involved in research projects in corpus linguistics, combining computational and quantitative methods with sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics.

Marcin Koszowy :: Contact :: Homepages200_marcin.koszowy
Marcin is a postgraduate research assistant working on the NCN-funded project, EthAn.

John Lawrence :: Contact :: Homepage DSC_1038s
John is a postgraduate research assistant working on the Argument Mining and BESiDE projects. He is currently working towards a PhD in the area of argumentation mining and the extraction of argument structure from text. His research focuses on argumentation mining, dialogue protocols, and argument analysis.

Martín Pereira Fariña :: Contact :: Homepage DSC_1038s
Martin is visiting from the University of Santiage de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. He is interested in the overlap between fuzzy models of language and argumentation structures, with applications in argument mining.

Mark Snaith :: Contact :: HomepageDsc_0329 (1)
Mark successfully defended his PhD on argument revision in 2012, and is currently a postdoc working on the Leverhulme project, Dialogue-based Exploration of Argument & Mediation Space. His research interests lie in computational models of argument and dialogue, including but not limited to: argument dynamics and their use as a strategic tool in dialogue; extraction and analysis of dialogue structures; implementations of argumentation systems, such as ASPIC+.

Debela Tesfaye :: Contact :: Homepagedebela2
Debela is working on his PhD in argument mining

Jacky Visser :: Contact :: Homepage BasiaKonat
Jacky is a postdoctoral research assistant working on the the EPSRC-funded project Argument Mining. Jacky completed his PhD on formal models of pragmadialectics in 2016 at the University of Amsterdam.

Olena Yaskorska :: Contact :: Homepage olena
Olena is a PhD student based at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Elaine McIntyre :: Contact :: Homepage elaine
Elaine is the Centre’s secretary and PA. She is responsible for practical day-to-day support of the group’s activities, for supporting and welcoming new staff and visitors, and for helping to manage the relationships that the group maintains with academic and commercial collaborators.

Former Members

ARG-tech has had the pleasure of the company of many other individuals, in the past, including:

  • Marcelo Acuña, who was a visiting researcher from Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile Jan-Mar 2011
  • Floris Bex, who was a postdoc in the group 2009-2012 and is now a lecturer at the University of Groningen
  • Joseph Devereux, who finished his PhD in the group in 2011
  • Rolando Medellin, who was a postdoc in the group 2012-2014 and is now working at the University of Essex
  • Phil Quinlan, who finished his PhD in the group in 2013, and now works at the University of Nottingham
  • Glenn Rowe, a former lecturer in the School who has now retired
  • Simon Wells, who was a PhD student and then postdoc in the group until 2011, and is now a lecturer at Napier University